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After years of being missing in action in the mainstream media, finally we're seeing images of, and stories about, Awesome women in the outdoors - or 'Awesome Adventure Chicks' as we like to call them. But there's one thing we're still not seeing enough of, and that's All Kinds of Awesome. Most of the stories we see and hear, understandably, are about people doing things at the more extreme end of the scale. Which is nice enough, we suppose, but we want to see more variety. We want to see more diversity. We want to see... you! We want to see your kind of Awesome. And we want to remind people that Awesome has no rules, no limits.


When we see people doing extreme things, it gives us something to admire, and perhaps even aspire to. The challenge with seeing those things is that it inevitably, subtly, and sneakily, tells us those people are better than we are. More extreme? Possibly. Better? Fuck no. And that got us thinking: What if we created a collection, a celebration, of real people and real adventures? What if we didn't just share stories of people doing the most extreme things, but rather, a collection of all different kinds of Awesome? And that's where you come in, because we want you to share your version of Awesome with us. No matter how big or small. Ain't no mountain low enough, ain't no finish time slow enough... we want to hear from you.


"Where are all these Awesome stories going to end up?" you might ask. And it's an Awesome question. Right now, we're being suitably mysterious about the answer because we're still plotting and planning, dreaming and scheming. Maybe it will be online, maybe it will be in gloriously old fashioned print. You'll just have to wait and see.

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