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What the heck is this project even about?

It's about creating an awesome collection of stories about women who love the outdoors. Not just 'the best' people, (whatever that means), but rather, a collection of diverse people doing all sorts of things at all sorts of levels.

Why are you doing it?

Two reasons: First, we just thought it would be cool. There's not many places you can go to see a collection of stories like this. And secondly, and let's be honest, it's a way to also tell you about the Awesome Adventure Chick brand.

So who are you exactly?
We're the people who created Awesome Adventure Chick. Mostly we sell stuff like Tshirts and other bits and pieces. Do a few tours. And we also want to share ideas and stories and inspire people to be more awesome.

Where will these stories end up?

We didn't want to say they would end up in a book, just in case our plans go arse up. But that's what our goal is. A book. Filled with stories about Awesome Adventure Chicks of all shapes and sizes and kinds. (If for some reason that doesn't happen, they'll at the every least end up on our website. But we're hell bent on doing a book.)

So how many stories will you pick?

Who knows? Our goal is 50. Because it seemed like a nice neat number. Maybe it will be a few more or less, but that's what we're aiming for.

What's in it for me?

Great question. Possibly not much. Unless you just want to be part of a really cool project. If it ends up as a book, and you end up in it, that would be pretty awesome though, right? We'll also be giving out random thankyou gifts to people who take the time to apply.

When do I have to apply by?

June 30. Not for any particular reason. Just seemed like a nice date. Gives everyone plenty of time to send in their stories.

Why are there so many fucking questions?

There are quite a few, aren't there? Sorry about that. But the more information we have, the more chance there is that we can use something. We probably won't use all of it, but the more we have to choose from, the better.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

Nope. Answer whatever you want. We'll still look at it and still consider using it. But the more information you give us, the more chance there is of us being able to use some of it.

Got any more questions? Contact us and we'll do our best to answer them.

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