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We've decided to do more than just a book. August is coming, and we're getting on board with 'August Unlimited', an event where you get to push your level of awesome.


It’s a virtual event where you get to choose your own kind of awesome. Because who are we to put limits on what is and isn’t awesome, right? Which is the true spirit of AWESOME UNLIMITED. Make your own rules. And live beyond expectation. (That’s the official manifesto by the way.)


Please know, this isn’t one of those ‘every player wins a prize’ events for entitled people who just want something for nothing. It’s just that you set your own rules. And we trust you. We believe in you. We reckon you’re probably already pretty awesome, but more importantly, capable of being a bit more awesome. And that’s what we think life is all about. All kinds of awesome. Your kind of awesome. And always trying to up the awesome level, even if it’s just a little bit. Because every little bit of awesome counts. So we’d like to give you a gentle shove in the right direction. Whatever direction that is for you.




So here’s the rules. OK, yes, we just said AWESOME UNLIMITED is about making your own rules, but this is our event, so we made a few of our own rules and if you want to play, you have to play by them.



This is the most important one, because it’s the one you make up yourself. You get to dream up and choose your own adventure. Seriously, we're not here to judge what you think is awesome, it’s totally up to you. You can walk, hike, run, ride, swim, paddle, jump, lift, climb, knit… seriously, it’s your life, go live it. And love it. But you know, push yourself a bit too. So the idea is that you’ll do whatever you do, a bit more than usual. Or something you've never done before. Like climb that hill. Visit that place. Hike that trail.  Set a goal a bit beyond what you’d usually do. Beyond expectation even. Maybe beyond what others expect of you. But definitely beyond what you expect of yourself.

If you’re going to run, set a goal to run bit further or faster. Maybe a bit further in one hit, or a weekly or monthly total. We originally conceived this as an ‘active/adventure’ type challenge but we’re not gonna stop you if you want to do something like knit up a storm. Why would we? So do that whole knit one, pearl one a bit more than usual. Knit that scarf a bit longer. Use a new colour. Or finally finish that thing you’ve been meaning to finish for ages. You could even do something like paint a picture, write a poem, lose a kilo, give up booze or meat or donuts, or raise a certain amount of money for your favourite charity.


You don’t have to set a goal that’s impossible to meet. And we sure don’t expect you to set a goal that’ll be the end of you. Just something awesome.

How will you know if you’ve set a good goal? Here’s the test: Imagine you just achieved your thing. Do you feel pretty chuffed with yourself? Yes? Than that’s your thing. If you’re a bit ho hum about it all, you probably didn’t aim high enough. And if a little bit of pee came out just thinking about it, you may want to dial it back a little. Or not. Hey, it’s your goal.




You know, a real decision. Not one of those “oh yeah, I’ll probably do that. One day. Maybe.” type decisions. But an actual decision. Commit. Which means you send us your Awesome August goal. And let us know if we can show the world how awesome you’re planning on being. You can keep it private if you want, but if you share it, you’ve really committed. No one’s gonna laugh at you if you don’t make it. We're in this together. Besides, declaring your goals publicly is a good way to put your ass on the line.




As you can imagine, this bit’s quite important. Dreaming is nice enough, but life is about doing. Take action. Tick your box. Actually be awesome. And let us know when you’re done so we can tell you how awesome you are.



The Awesome Entry: FREE.


OK, so we wanted everyone to be able to enter, no limits, so you can enter for free. We'll send you an AWESOME UNLIMITED sticker to congratulate you on your awesomeness.

(Limited to 100 entries – which is kind of ironic for an event about being unlimited – because if we have to lick more than 100 stamps to send out all those stickers we might end up like George’s girlfriend Susan in that episode of Seinfeld.)

The Bloody Awesome Entry: $30.


You dream, you decide, you do, we’re doing bling. We thought it would be awesome if you earned yourself a medal for when you cross the virtual finish line of that thing you set out to do. So when you’re dreaming, make sure you think of something that is medal-worthy so when you get it, and look at it, you are truly impressed with how bloody awesome you really are. We also donate $5 to White Ribbon.


(Limited to 50 entries.)

The Fucking Awesome Entry: $60


Doing this one doesn’t technically make you any more awesome than the people who do a different entry, but it does mean you get more awesome stuff. With this one, you get you the whole box and dice of swag. You get a Tshirt, a medal and a sticker. We also donate $5 to White Ribbon.


(Limited to 50 entries.)


Any questions? Ask away.


Or if you can read, you get it, and you’re in and you ready to make your August Awesome? THEN ENTER NOW. (OK, this link isn’t live yet. Stay tuned.)

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