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Got some questions about Awesome August? We answer a bunch of them here.

Aren't virtual events a bit... lame?

Yeah, they can be. This one isn't. It's awesome. Obviously.

You talk about running quite a bit. Is AWESOME AUGUST a running event?

It's whatever you want it to be. There are no limits. You can set a running goal if you want. You can also set any other kind of goal that will remind you to be awesomer than you already are. It's totally up to you.

What kind of goal should I set?

How the fuck should we know? You see that 'unlimited' bit? Yeah, well, that. You should set whatever goal

you think will motivate you to be a bit more awesomer. If you're a runner, you can set a running goal. If you're a something else, you should set a something else goal.

Does it have to be a 'physical activity' goal?

Yes. But no. This challenge was designed around the idea of physical activity and adventure, but who are we to say what is and isn't Awesome? So set whatever kind of goal you want. If you're awesome in a whole different way and want in on the action, we won't be stopping you. You could just as easily write a poem or knit a jumper for all we care. The main thing is, when you get your swag, that you feel proud of yourself. What we or anyone else thinks is irrelevant.

Can you give me some examples of goals?

Sure, if you regularly walk or run 10kms  in a week, an awesome goal would be to run 50kms, or maybe even 60kms in a month. If you already run 50kms in a month, an awesome goal would be to run 70kms in a month. If you're a parkrunner, you might decide to run three or four different parkruns in a month. If you use an activity tracker, you might look at your usual/average step count and set a goal to step about 10-20% more than usual. If you ride your bike, same thing - set a goal that will push you without killing you. And if you're into milder activities, maybe you can be more creative or lateral with your goal setting.

What if my goal isn't awesome enough?

Says who? That's the whole point of this ya bloody goose! Stop comparing your version of awesome to what others might think is or isn't awesome! If it's something you'd feel proud of doing, it's plenty awesome enough.

How will you know if I met my goal?

We won't. What we think or know really doesn't matter. This is all about you. If you get your swag and you never quite made it, maybe have another go at it.

When do I have to register by?

The official cut off if July 31, but we're a bit late to the party, so we'll likely leave it open til August 10 - unless it sells out first.

When do I have to do my awesome thing by?

By the end of August, of course! Otherwise it would be called Awesome September.

What happens if I don't do my awesome thing by the end of August?

Well, if we were sticklers for rules, you wouldn't get your thing. But in the spirit of 'unlimited', we'll send you your thing anyway and trust that you'll get it done soon enough. The truth is, your 'reward' is only worth what it means to you. It's not gold bullion so the value in it is in what it represents. To you. Not us. So we trust you'll do what you need to, so that when you look at it, you'll be proud of earning it.

Will I get my swag as soon as I've completed my challenge?

Nope. We won't start sending them til the end of the month.

When will I get my swag?

We'll start sending them off at the start of September. So let's say, probably in September sometime.

Where does the money go?

If you entered for free, there is no money, so we'll assume you're asking for the other entries, in which case, it goes towards paying for making the stuff and sending it out to you. If we've made our calculations correctly, we won't make anything out of this, but we have the potential to raise $500 for White Ribbon which is not exactly millions, but better than nothing.

If there's truly no money in it for you, why are you doing it?

Because we're awesome. And because we wanted to do something awesome. And we believe in encouraging others to be more awesome. And this year is a test year to see what people think and if we get enough people, maybe we'll make it bigger and better and raise even more money for charity next year.

Your entry process is a bit of a dog's breakfast. Could you not have made it better/easier?

Probably. We did our best this year, with limited time and resources. We'll try and make it better next year.

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